'Out of Line' - Homage to the Athens Film Club

There were three qualifications in order to be initiated into the Athens Film Club. 

1. You had to be a member of Ohio University. (I think)

2. You had to love movies, and during meetings refer to them as films. 

3. You had to make the meetings every Thursday at 7pm; which conveniently coincided with every happy-hour and house-party within walking distance of campus. 

Myself, Sam Sloma, and Grace Roulston were all minoring in Film at Ohio University. Stifled by the syndication, 'PG-13' confines of the Media Arts & Studies program, we surged face first in to the inspiration being doled by our most accurately described bad-ass, grad-student, film professors. I would leave one class consisting of an in depth study of Wong Kar Wai, or narrative dissection of John from Cincinnati, then with the switch of a building be coughing up reflections on the episode structure of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


The club was a club in the sense that we had a president and a vice president, but if memory serves that was the extent of our elected offices. We would talk shop and hopefully pull together to make some projects of our own, without the overview of our PG-13 media professors. Attendance was sporadic and the group wasn't exactly tight, but we did make some works, and made some of those works well. One music video on which we focused featured a watermelon as the lead. (If anyone has that footage please get in touch - matthew@mrdeimling.com)

The Media Arts & Studies' annual '48 Hour Shootout':

The annual '48 Hour Shootout' approaching as a potential showcase of our accumulated filmmaking skills, we hunkered down and awaited the curtain call. Parameters being that each team would be given a genre, line of dialogue, and a prop to make 5 minute short film. 

Athens Film Club 

Genre: Horror

Dialogue: "Sorry I'm late"

Prop: Earring

Ado aside, 'Out of Line' has to date been one of the more impressive pieces I had the privilege to be a part of. It popped in my head the other day, and I had the itch for a throwback.