.praha portals.

'Praha' is the Czech pronunciation of Prague, also Praha rolls off the tongue a bit easier....and then I could add 'portals.'

I was living in Prague in the winter of 2013 and became fascinated with the generationally dictated melting pot of design, art, and style that is now Prague. As a city, having been pressed through different governmental philosophies, from communism to democracy within the past 100 years; distinct & incredibly different styles are clumped very close, and in some cases on top of one another. 

Within a city block, it would be common to come across a few apartment buildings, some coffee shops, then stumble up the time tested stone stairs of a castle.

The doors tell the story of a complicated city in a simple and very obvious way, if you look.

You should look.

(have a glance at them individually with a 'click')